Sunday Brain Ramblings


Hello friends (and family!)…I’m around! I kept meaning to get some posts written last week but alas, I still have photos to edit and well, I’m barely finding time to get on top of laundry and to keep the house clean. We’ve been super busy the last few weekends and this weekend we were finally at home but I already know my to-do list will not be completed. Oh well!

Our friends Marc and Eliana are on their second cross-country road trip! They did their first in 2008, which you can see here but they are posting this trip over on Facebook and Instagram if you’d like to pop over and check them out. I hadn’t seen them since one of my baby showers in the summer of 2014 and Chris hadn’t seen them in 8 years! Honestly, I don’t know how 8 years has gone that quickly, it just doesn’t seem like time has passed that fast. 8 years—the same amount of time out of Florida that we were in Florida. Anyway, we got to see them last weekend while they birded in High Island and then they stayed at our house for two nights as they caught up on some errands and VW bus work on Valentina.

Needless to say, I have photos from that weekend as well as from the garden to share and of course probably monthly wrap up and then a book report at some point.

My problem is finding the time! Now that it is spring the urge to be outside is overwhelming and well, my laundry is now not getting folded until mid-week and the pile needs to be done again! So, you can see that photo editing and writing is on the back end these day!

More soon!

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