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Denali By Bus: Part IV

One of the highlights on any trip to Denali is of course the chance to see brown bears! And while we had encountered them from a distance on our way into the park, seeing them up close like this was amazing! This is really just me spamming you with brown bear photos! Gah, it really makes you want to reach out and touch them–they look so cuddly! Instead, they would rip you to pieces!

(Oh, yeah, something I’ve been meaning to share here but haven’t yet but this seems like the appropriate place: Grizzly Bear Attack: A Breakdown. This is by a hiking acquaintance I met back at Billy Goat Day in Florida in January, Larry Boy. (I later had him on my FT podcast here.) As the that link suggests, he had an encounter with a grizzly in Wyoming a few weeks ago and managed to live to tell what happened!)

Back to our bears here—they were digging up roots near the road, scrounging for calories to tide them over for winter.


Look at that bear butt!










Views from the Teklanika River rest stop.

And of course all of this traveling and early rising and wacky still-light-late-at-night shenanigans were wearing on the newly minted 5 year old but the adults all got some zzz’s in as well on the way back!

And that was it for our sightseeing adventure within Denali National Park and Preserve. We did a short hike closer to the visitor’s center that I will share and I have a few more scattered photos from around the cabins we stayed at and the town that I will share as well. But since we’re coming up quickly on a year from this trip I really should work to get everything posted before then!

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  • Rob "Donner"

    Wow, great photos! And that bear attack description is harrowing. I’m supposed to be in Yellowstone next month, so definitely taking that seriously.

    Hope all is well! – Donner

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