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Quick Check-In

Hey! Yes, I’ve fallen off the face of the blogosphere! I should probably do this as a Life Lately post but I’m short of time so this will be a quick update and eventually I’ll do something a bit more in depth.

+Online school is going. That’s about it…going. I wish he was at school but we’re opting for online at the moment. Needless to say, during the week trying to navigate that plus work keeps Chris and I both busy. We are alternating who is doing school during the week so we can each get time at the office to actually work. More on that later!
+Tropical systems—are they coming here, are they not? First it looked like Marco was going to be the one with the impact but increasingly it is now Laura who will have the impact around the upper Texas coast. Just where—we don’t know. We’ve been preparing through the weekend, picking things up in the yard, cleaning the house, getting on top of laundry. I’ll probably do another go through on Tuesday/Wednesday so we aren’t caught with a backup of anything should the power go out. Since we’re on the north side of town we won’t have as much impact as everyone towards the coast but any kind of high winds means the chance for power to go out. Luckily this doesn’t appear to be a Harvey rain event (hey, just about three years ago now!) and we’re in a deficit for rain so any rain will be good to a certain point. I took photos of the pond to compare just how much we actually end up getting.
+I’m going to be pushing hard to edit photos this week and get some posts scheduled in case things go sideways for power so I’ll have some writing out into the ether. We’re coming up on a year from our Alaska trip here in a couple of days so I really should finish all of that plus a trip to the Big Thicket back in late June and then a short hike on the Lone Star Trail we did today on a new to us section.

That’s really the highlights for now…to keep it interesting here’s a short video I took of some long-tailed skipper caterpillars!

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  • shoreacres

    Yep — I’m going to try to get a couple of posts scheduled, too, just in case. I prefer to use my PC for writing and composing, rather than the laptop/WP app, so getting a little ahead of things is good. Also: making preparations for morning coffee in case of power failure is a priority. Also: storing water in a couple of big plastic bins, for utility use. Otherwise, I’m good to go.

    I might bake some bran muffins, though.

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