Aglow on the Pond










This year the Bidens laevis, the bur margiold or beggar’s ticks, are on fire along the pond! We’ve had them sporadically over the years and then the taro choked them out, so I am delighted that they are returning in force this year in the area that is becoming a wetland behind the pine trees that fell during Hurricane Harvey in 2017. I wish the whole shoreline was covered in them as I recall seeing an entire wetland of them somewhere between Center and San Augustine, Texas 10 years ago near Sabine National Forest. That was gorgeous and it would be wonderful to have the entire pond shoreline lined with them instead of taro.

I just wanted to send a little sunshine out into mid-October! I’m feeling the blog vibes starting to come back a little so maybe I’ll be around here more soon!


  • shoreacres

    This is quite a coincidence. I finally identified one of the yellow flowers lining the bank of the lake at Attwater, and this is what they are. The plant was everywhere in the refuge. I thought it was a sunflower species, but I finally found it among the Bidens. Apparently others have seen the sunflower resemblance, too, since another name’s tickseed sunflower. They are just gorgeous, and I think this might have been the first year I’ve seen them, although I can’t be sure.

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