Making the Best of It

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I’m hoping to have the mental space (and electricity) this weekend to write-up more about this week. Until then a few bullet point items.

  • Currently at 11:58 am on Wednesday 2/17, we have electricity. It came back on last night at 3:45pm and lasted until 8:45pm when it started doing rolling blackouts through the night. It stayed off from around 6am until 9:45 this morning and we settled in expecting to have it off the rest of the day. Still might. *who knows*
  • Last night the water seemed to be fine. Chris used the blow drier to get an outside pipe unfroze for the hot water. This morning when it all came back, the tank didn’t want to pressurize. He found a busted valve at his sink in the man cave spewing water everywhere so he managed to clean that up. We’re crossing fingers that is our only issue.
  • It is currently raining and hovering around the freezing mark. Snow is slowly melting but ice has formed on trees and many smaller trees are leaning over under the pressure. Hopefully we can make it through the next couple of nights of freezing temperatures without major issues from the ice. We shall see.
  • Between being sick this month and now this, I’m kind of mentally done with February. And am also having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact we’re coming up on a year of dealing with the pandemic full-force. (or not dealing, depending on the perspective)
  • My parents are still without power but have been sheltering a little at my brother’s house, which had some power yesterday and part of today. My folks have gone home in the evenings to keep tabs there but I’m hoping they end up with some power soon. They received more snow this morning.
  • Currently there are icebergs floating down the pond…certainly a new experience for us.

More soon. If you are also affected, I hope you are able to get some respite with some of the power cycles.

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