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Searching for Denali









After leaving the Denali Highway way back in September of 2019, we managed to get a glimpse of Denali itself from the Parks Highway one of the pull-offs at Denali State Park. I took quite a few photos from the Denali Highway facing west, thinking that perhaps there in the haze that I could see Denali. But of course once we got to the state park and looked from there it was quite clear I was imagining things before then! And even in these photos you can’t see the entire mountain because it is still socked in the clouds. But—it was a glimpse! And now that our friends Patrice and Justin live up there full-time these days, I’m hoping that in the next couple of years we can get back to Alaska and sightsee more of this area!

Yes, I’m finally trying to wrap this trip up!

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  • shoreacres

    I really enjoyed this. Anyone who visits Alaska probably comes home with a ‘mountains framed by pines or larches’ photo, and with good reason. It’s such a majestic landscape, no matter where in the state you travel. I was limited to Glacier Bay and the southeastern parts, but that’s a limitation I can live with!

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