Thankful to not be in Florida…

sanibel lighthouse

Last night I saw a rumor that the Sanibel lighthouse had been taken out by Ian but this morning that appears to have been false, thank goodness. But I did see that the bridge to Sanibel/Captiva sustained damage and is completely unusable. I’m trying to wade through social media and the news for reports and we’re hoping a friend/acquaintance in Cape Coral made it out ok. I have a lot of thoughts and memories about Sanibel and Fort Myers to write up but will save that for a few days to process. Living in the Houston area we’re subject to our own storms and floods but moving out of Florida was probably the right choice in the long run.

And then on top of Hurricane Ian we find out Coolio died yesterday!

An ode to my teen years…

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  • shoreacres

    The generation gap strikes again. I’d never heard of Coolio until I heard his death mentioned on the news this morning. Ah, well.

    I saw some photos of the Sanibel bridge. It’s odd. It seems as though Ian turned out to be a weird combination of Ike and Harvey. Now, it’s headed for Charleston, where one of my good friends lives. I see it’s projected to land there as a hurricane. Enough, already!

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