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4. If I was an Animal… – December Reflections 2022

I almost thought about making this a different prompt because I’m not particularly fond of the prompt, but let’s venture outside the comfort zone and go with the flow.

Ideally, I wouldn’t be a different animal. I am already an animal, a human animal, and frankly we’re both the worst and the best animals there are. Do I want to have to hunt for my food in the wild like every other animal that isn’t kept in a zoo or as a pet? Not really. Agriculture has a lot of pros going for it! So does indoor sanitation services! Truly cannot believe we only modernized indoor sanitation within the last 150 years or so, and even now not everyone has access to this within the world.

But in the spirit of the prompt…and because I’m about to phone this one in at this late hour…(I started this a few days ago intending to write more…life got busy)…


Let’s go with cat. Aside from the whole litter box thing, lazing about all day, cuddling with your humans, and generally having the attitude to go with it all, sounds pretty lovely.

This is my Leo, who I miss quite a lot.


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