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20. One Year Ago – December Reflections 2022


I’m cheating a little on this one, this is two years ago. I didn’t have anything interesting on Flickr from a year ago, or within a few days of a year ago today but I did have some interesting things from 2020. Forest is playing with the feral/neighbor’s cat Miles here. And Forest’s hair! It’s so long! This was the end of the first semester of kindergarten which had been all online at home. And being as it was the pandemic before vaccines, we didn’t go many places and certainly not for a haircut.


My collards were heading into year 2!


The red giant mustard was looking amazing here! WOW!


And citrus season! We have a few on the tree ripening right now but they aren’t this far along yet.


Ombré cypress needles!

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  • shoreacres

    When I lived in Liberia, collards were the primary greens that I ate. They often were mixed with little dried fish, or with palm butter. Good food! I’d love to have some palm butter now, but it’s hard to come by. The collards? Those are easy!

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