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27. Windowsill – December Reflections 2022




At home we don’t have houseplants because we have housecats. They enjoy nibbling on plants that would end up poisoning them so we keep those out of the house. But at work, we both have a varying array of plants. I mostly keep clearance rack orchids from Kroger but also some other various ‘houseplants’ and that has expanded over the years. Earlier this year I bought a plant called string of needles or Ceropogia linearis. It’s a succulent-ish plant that requires low water. I keep it and several other low water plants in a south facing window in the kitchen at work and the heat that the window gets allows the soil to dry out enough between waterings, and the plants have done well here (well, most plants!). My little string of needles put out two tiny blooms over the last few weeks and I brought my macro adapter for my phone up one day to get a snapshot of the flowers. I went up yesterday to move plants back into their windows from the deep freeze last week/weekend as I didn’t want them to get nipped from the cold, plus wanted to keep a buffer in case the power went out. Luckily all was well and the plants are happy to be back where they belong!

And that’s what is going on at my work windowsills!

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