Appalachian Trail 2010

On the mend


Last Thursday we went to the Ft. Worth Botanic Garden for a walk about the garden. I love this garden because it is free to get into and it has a lot of open space for picnicking and lazing about if that is what you are into. Many of the spring bulbs were up and in bloom and I loved these hellebore’s. See–I am trying to learn other plants!

I ended up getting over the sinus infection crap for the most part, but Chris came down with it bad over the weekend. As of now we are still on for the weekend, but we’re taking it day by day to see how Chris feels—we don’t want to start off hiking while sick. I think he’s on the mend and the worst part is over, but it will be two weeks at the end of the week for me being sick and it seems like that is how long it is taking to get over it completely.

Also, we’re reading online to stay up to date on trail conditions and it seems many people who started in February or late January are either getting off the trail for awhile or are stuck just south of the Smokies due to the inclement trail conditions. If we keep our pace up we should be reaching the Smokies at the very end of March and first of April, which I would hope puts the trail conditions to be better. Someone had frost bite and got off the trail and I read at least two people made it halfway through the Smokies only to get off the trail. I just can’t imagine pushing myself like that when there isn’t really a reason to do so. It isn’t Everest, so why make it be like that?

We set up a Trail Phone account so we can call in from time to time with updates instead of blogging if we can’t blog. Look for Ridley & Panther on that page when the time comes.

Also, if you are someone who was interested in sending something to us on the trail these are the stipulations: tell us in advance so we know to pick up a package, make it something small that we can either eat right away or that we can carry, and make it in a smaller section like a 3 or 4 day section, not a longer one. The thing is, we will either have to throw it out or carry it and most likely if it is heavy or bothersome, it will be thrown our or sent home. So, small, edible, and tasty. We have our gear already, so please don’t send any gear unless we specifically ask for something.

I think I am going to set up Wordless Wednesday posts for the next few months—you know, so you have something to look at here. So, comment on them, k? Tell me something awesome about your day or how the weather is, or what you ate for lunch. Give me something to read when I have a minute.

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