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Epiphanie Bags

Ok, so normally I hate doing these kind of posts, but I really want a chance to win a Canon 5D camera.

I actually started reading Maile’s blog long before she became part of the Shutter Sisters. She had great blog entries and amazing photos and I’d comment occasionally.

Then she came out with a camera bag line that was to die for. I have a big backpack camera bag that is waterproof on the bottom and is great for hiking but I really wish I had something better for just taking my camera around town. And then Maile came out with Epiphanie bags. And they are beautiful! They aren’t in my budget at the moment but I’m thinking they would make an excellent Christmas present.

Anyway, this whole blog post is because Epiphanie is having a giveaway, a Canon 5d camera or $2500 on Southwest Airlines.

And a Canon 5D is right up my alley.

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