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2. My Favorite Mug – December Reflections 2022

Now, this is a prompt I love! I could easily become a mug collector, though I have limited space so I try to keep it reigned in. I can’t reduce it down to one so I’m going to share three. The first two I use at work.

This mug I bought back in 2015 at some coastal beach boutique in Port Aransas while on vacation that summer. I was out shopping with my mom and Forest, who was an itty baby at that point, not even a year old. Sea turtles and the thick, white heft of the mug sold me the instant I saw it. I made it my office mug immediately and it was my primary mug for years.

Then last Christmas my SIL Stephanie bought me this mug and I knew it had to end up in the work rotation. The blue and white pattern was lovely and the wide opening reminded me a bit of a soup bowl so I figured it would be better suited for teas or hot chocolate. I still use it from coffee, too, but to me it has a non-coffee liquid vibe!

Alright, so I went through the ones at home and honestly, I could have written about most of them but I ended up choosing three. Yeah, so forget that single, favorite mug situation! This one I usually use most of the time and it is a mug I bought in Fort Davis on our first trip there a few years ago. There’s not a ton of tourist shopping in that town, not a ton of shopping in general, but there are a couple of little places and my favorite is this tiny little shop in a faux western building with other shops and the owner sells the pottery his sister makes. It’s very affordable, I think I paid $16 for this mug. I love a good handmade piece of pottery and most of the time pottery like this can be rather pricey, like $40 for a mug. $16 is a steal! Anyway, I went in again last year and bought a few things for gifts and I have plans to go in again in the spring if our plans for a trip there work out. Ok, I had to look up the shop but I can’t find the name, however you can see the building on the SE corner of Cemetery and State Streets in Fort Davis. It’s long, diagonal building and the Humane Society thrift shop is across from it. The store is at the end closest to State St.

This mug is a favorite because I bought it during our trip from Seward to Anchorage after we disembarked from our cruise ship in 2019. We took the scenic Alaska Rail to Anchorage and it was the best experience! I bought a coffee with the mug and had one of the best salmon bisque’s of the trip—so delicious! So, when I pull out this mug I think of that trip and try to channel the cozy thoughts and scenic views of Alaska!

This mug was handmade by Neville Harris at Woodshole Hostel in Virginia. My dad bought it for me a few Christmases ago with another small mug and I cherish it because it is one of those memory things as well—it reminds me of our stay at Woodshole on the AT and that’s where my dad met us to hike with us for what was supposed to be a week but only turned out to be two days because my niece Ashleigh passed away in NICU. Woodshole is one of those treasures along the AT, where you could find yourself staying for weeks or wishing you had your own cabin just off the AT with stunning views into a Virginia valley. This is a great podcast episode with Neville on the 2180 podcast a few years ago.

Apparently I love a good mug!

(Also, apologies to everyone who gets this blog in their email. I’m not sure why the sharing widgets are so huge and out of the size they should be as they are normal sized on the blog itself. I’ve disabled the widget for now. I recently upgraded to that widget service as I didn’t like the one I had been using and well, looks like I need to do some troubleshooting!)


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