Zoe back in February/March

While waiting for our connecting flight in Baltimore yesterday I opened my laptop to find unprocessed photos from before we left for the AT. I found all sorts of Zoe photos and so I decided to process some of them and here they are! She is so much bigger now and you can see little parts of her now, but she’s more kid than baby now!

This one was kinda out of focus so I ‘rescued’ it by turning it b&w. It was too cute to let it fade away.

bubble zoe
Mmm, bubbles!

laughing zoe
This smile is still there. Oh, you should have seen her this morning when she got to see Mimi after almost a week! Oh, the little grin that came out!


This was my tire swing when I was a kid. We hauled it out for a bit but decided against it. I think she could probably handle it now!

I smell trouble! 😉

It’s hot here in Texas. Hoping to get outside later this evening. The cats are coming around. Samson still tries to ignore us but Leo has given us headbutts and has started trying to follow us around again.

Fairly sure I’ll be posting more soon. I have trout lily photos and I’m going to charge my camera up soon to take lots of new photos! Bought a crochet magazine in Salem and am itching to dig out my hooks. Ahhh…back to life.

I miss the woods, though.


  • Stephanie (SIL)

    I am so glad to have you here! I can’t wait to have a girls day with you on Friday and do some more bonding!! I really enjoy doing things with you and I hope that we can make it happen more often. Even if you move somewhere else to get a job I want to make it a point to spend more time with you

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