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Trout Lilies in Macro

Some of the other photos I never processed last March were trout lilies that we took at the Heard Museum. On our hike we saw quite a bit of trout lilies in the south. I can’t remember where they stopped growing, maybe Pennsylvania? Anyway, enjoy the photos. I was happy with how some of them turned out, especially the reverse lens macro ones!

trout lilies heard museum






Yesterday I went for a run with my brother, the first workout post-hike. I kept up and my lungs felt good, but my knees did not enjoy it when I stopped. I was also disappointed to know we only went 2.1 miles. It went fast, but it felt longer. I keep wanting to do a ‘big’ run, a 10K or a Half Marathon, but I get so bored running. I think trail running would be nice, but I hate having to drive out somewhere to go run. Pavement pounding is just boring. I had fun running with Curt, but I’m going to probably enjoy rollerblading better when they come out of storage.

Working my way down a list of chores and items to do….blogging was one of ’em. Gotta go make a cake soon. Been looking for jobs and found a few to apply for. A nap is really what I want to accomplish, though.


  • Stacey

    Wow!! What beautiful photographs! You are a true artist! I really love the 4th one down. What type of settings did you do to get that? And your other ones? I dont do bad with my photography, but you got such depth and clear crisp pictures. I look forward to seeing more of your pictures.

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