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Fall Thoughts

-I get annoyed when people don’t seem to appreciate the Fall that we have in the south. Sure, it isn’t as glorious with color as the northeast, but you have to take the subtle hints of Fall and run with them. The wonderful Fall blooms are still lingering, goldenrod, sunflowers, crotons (not the tropical, hideous ones)….they are there, you just have to look for them.

-I miss liberal Florida. The political ads out here in ArkLaTex are very much anti-Obama and Obama isn’t even running for anything at the moment. If any Democrat or incumbent has done anything remotely in favor of Obama the ad is completely negative. They aren’t even talking about how good the proposed candidate would be, it’s just guilty by association. But, I can’t say this isn’t competely new, I am sure that two years ago there were similar ads for those who were too close to Bush. It just gets old. I’m forseeing some sort of third party coming in strong soon because the middle voters are going to get sick and tired of the very vocal right and left.

-Not sure what we will be doing when this job is over. It is potentially up sometime in mid-November. We’re talking about running out to the Guadalupe Mountain or Big Bend National Park for a few days to hike and take photographs. We’re off for four days very soon so I will be searching harder for jobs and probably putting my nose to the grind on looking into teaching.

-Coming up with prices for my portrait photography is difficult. I think I have finally decided to only offer 4×6 sized resolution images on cd for folks to share on Facebook, blogs etc, instead of selling any full resolution cds to be printed anywhere. I went back and forth on this and there seems to be either a split on this on the internet, but I think I am making the right decision. As for the rest of the prices, I am almost done and hope to finish the webpage soon.

-On my way home I took a different route and found a really awesome pond with cypress and yellow flowers (turned out to be some type of sunflower) but it was on private property. Chris suggested I just go up and ask if I can take photos so I did. An elderly man with a hearing aid answered, told me that it was no problem asked who I was with and then told me I couldn’t sell them. Damn. I almost didn’t bother after that, but I went over and took some anyway. I went online to see about the legalities of it and its true, but it seems you can blur it, too. The photo is mine, the property is his, why couldn’t I sell the photo? Anyway, I’m not going to bother at the present time with it. I’ll stick to public places and shooting from the roadway!

Heading for a four day weekend soon and will be taking care of a few things we left hanging at home, spending time with family and the cats and sleeping in at least one day.


  • chel

    Our part of Florida is as conservative as it gets! We’ve got Rick Scott running for gov. and he’s the biggest crook of them all. A volunteer for his campaign came to our dor and Tom got upset he yelled “NO THANK YOU, SIR” and slammed the door- and Tom is one of the most laid back people I know 😉 And our Democrat seems very wishy-washy. I don’t like either of them.

    This election is making me want to just throw something. I can’t wait until it’s over.

    That photo of the waterlilies is AMAZING- it makes me want to paint it.

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