Snippets of Christmas

Chris and I had four Christmas meals, his mom and step-dad, his dad and step-mom, my parents, and my SIL’s mom and dad’s house. *phew* that was a lot of food! I think I managed not to overeat, though and I did steer clear from some heavy desserts. We did pretty good on presents, too; I think the best ones were ones that I wasn’t supposed to get. Chris and I had a no-present clause this year but somehow I ended up with Chanel No. 5 and some diamond stud earrings! The other good things were a Kitchenaide mixer and a Sonicare toothbrush!

Here are some snippets…and I’m bummed about this video, I might try uploading it again, but it is very cute. Zoe got a pink kiddie Mustang and so she called it a bright new shiny car! The ending that is missing is her saying Merry Christmas; I think it was too long to upload to Flickr.

The end of presents at my parents house….that’s my Grandad, Zoe, Mom and Dad. Zoe was sad and kept saying “I need more presents!”…the floor was covered in her presents!



A gardener’s present….


*drool* It needs a kitchen to go in.

This was for Zoe but I have a feeling my cats will get a hold of it.

Finally Zoe gets her own camera!

Curt and Grandad



Chase and Diane, Chris’ step-mom


Chris’ mom had asked me to help her with a creamed spinach recipe—she couldn’t figure out why some of the directions didn’t make sense. I found the second page and it had the rest of the info on it—it was one of those *doh* moments!

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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