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Moosie’s Garden & Dad’s Yard

My mom usually handles the flower beds and my dad is the yard guy. He’s the one who keeps it green, mows it regularly and had my brother and I, in the 100* summers of Texas, moving the sprinkler for spot to spot while we were at home. There’s nothing like running barefoot through the St. Augustine.

Now the name Moosie formed for my mom back in high school. Somehow “mom” morphed to “moo moo” and then to Moosie. 🙂 Initially she thought she might use Moosie as her grandma name but she didn’t stick with it and went with Mimi.

I’ve been weeding and planting and we’ve got the tomatoes going now. Things are looking better with new blooms forming on all sorts of plants.


arkansas traveler
Arkansas Traveler tomato, one of my very favorite heirlooms. We found plants at Marshall Grain, lots of heirlooms there.

Some of her plants are coming back from last year, though she is worried about a few because of the harsh last two winters they’ve had.

Just noticed this amaryllis bloom coming up.


The radishes are doing good, forming their ruby little roots. Can’t wait until they are bulbous and ready to slice into a salad!

Mom started lettuce before we arrived back from the Florida Trail, the plants nearest in the photo. Chris sowed more so we’d have a lot of greens for salads.

Chris harvested our first greens for salad a few days ago—delicious!

The old wagon is holding variegated sunflower seedlings…

variegated sunflower

Started these four o’clocks from seed.



Do tomatoes need any more explanation? Ok, maybe they do, but I don’t remember which ones are which, ooh, wait, the oblong ones are Roma, but I’ll have to get back to you on the others.

The honeysuckle will be satisfyingly sweet on warm summer nights.


  • Mom

    I think I may be standing on the corner giving lettuce away! Holy cow! I just picked a huge bowl with Zoe and it’s growing and growing. Going to have to replant my butterfly weed, and all my lantana :(. And I don’t think some of the things you planted are going to come up. 🙁

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