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Texas Wildflowers: Sesuvium portulacastrum, shoreline purslane






In my Coastal Plant Ecology course in college this was one of my first plants to learn, Sesuvium portulacastrum. This is a dune and edge of marsh type of plant but it is one of my favorites for its small pink flower and the ability to spread itself across the ground. A succulent, it is an excellent stabilizer of dirt, hence its being found on dunes.

It seems to have a worldwide distribution, not limited to the United States, particularly in tropical climes. Native plant nurseries might have the plant for use in the garden, particularly those along coastal regions. Gardeners would find the succulents in the Portulaca genus to be most similar to those plant and it seems this plant was at one time nearly put into that genus but it has stayed with Sesuvium ever since.

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  • Bern

    Doors open up as we take a deep look into the unknown.

    Absolutely beautiful colour and I just love looking at the stamens as they tower and transmit their beauty.

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