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Sunday ’round here…

Lots of good things I’ve read in the past week or so on the ‘net. Thought I’d share:

+Dr. Who Regenerations: A compilation of all of the Dr. Who’s through the years. I’m personally fond of David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston. That’s when I first started watching, however sporadically I watch.
+Sour Cream and Onion Kale Chips. I tried making kale chips about a month ago or so and while some tasted well they didn’t come out how I imagined. Chris turned his nose up at them and while they didn’t taste bad, they weren’t as crunchy as I thought they’d be. Not sure what I need to do next time, maybe less oil and longer in the oven? This recipe is for dehydrating but a lot of the recipes I’ve seen are for baking.
+Review of An Everglades Providence: a biography of Marjory Stoneman Douglas. I have Everglades: River of Grass in storage to read some day. The Everglades will always be important to me even if I don’t live near them. What can I say, I like swamps and marshes!
+2010 2,000 miler list published by the ATC. A few people we know aren’t on there because they haven’t submitted their sheets yet. I wonder about Birthday Suit, Ceviche and their dog White Blaze, the SOBOs we saw in Vermont. Didn’t see them on the list though I did find out they had at least gotten as far south as Virginia. Love having my name on that list!
+RJ’s Cactus Portraits: cool stuff! There are cypress and tupelo where I am working that have their own personalities, hollowed out in the middle but still alive and kicking after hundreds of years.
+The True Cost of Motherhood regarding jobs and pay for mothers vs non-mothers. Something I think about from time to time (for the future!).
+I’ve decided that I really want to see Jenny Lewis live some day, either playing by herself or with Rilo Kiley. Really decided this while running/walking yesterday and thought it would be great. I’d also like to see Florence + the Machine.
+Cornflake Girl and Jackson on heavy rotation.
+Gopher Urine and Motorcycles at Pure Florida. Cute little gopher tortoises!
+Mandy’s Giving Oneself Completely and Unapologetically to an Obsession. Mandy always writes awesomely!
+Elise’s pita bread. I’m totally going to be making pita when I get to an oven again!
+Chel’s Common Miracles meme. Need to participate in one soon! Drop by her blog and give her some love, she’s got some awesome work and makes incredible beads.

I think that’s about it. Just working around here and inching away on the moss fern shawl. I’m getting a lot of blogs written early this week so I can focus on doing some art. Been craving it and it has been well over a year and a half since I’ve drawn anything! Will be whipping out several more Florida Trail Tales.

What are you doing this week? Share your favorite links with me, too!

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  • chel

    Ahh Jenny Lewis… I also love Florence + the Machine. What an amazing album “Lung” is.

    Lately I have been really into meditation, especially the guided kind (quiet + sitting still + 30 minutes = mind rushing like mad so the guided kind is helpful!). I found meditationoasis DOT com (doing that so it doesn’t get hung up in spam filter!) and I love their podcasts.

  • Patrice

    I saw your names in the AT Journeys mag and I was happy!!! I know I owe you an e-mail and I promise to get to it this week … packing has taken over our lives. We packed our packs today too to hand off to our friends before we leave … they are NOT light:)

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