And Summer has arrived.

Holy Moly it is hot! Heat paired with humidity and oof, it is going to be a long summer. In Florida I would’ve hibernated for much of the summer. I remember going a few weeks not mowing our backyard because I just didn’t feel like doing it. The grass would get tall and inch up between the container garden and then at the end of the summer we’d do a gigantic trim from the humongous growth that had occurred.

Texas is similar in heat and humidity, though the humidity varies depending on the region. Since we’re working on the coast the heat might not be too high, 90s instead of 100s but the humidity sucks the life out of you. Our field work has switched habitats just recently from shadier areas to open cut grass marshes (and yes it does cut you, worse than saw grass) that are in full sun. The balance to the sun will be that we’ll be wading in water/mud/floton much of the day. I’m hoping we get to a floton area so I can get a video of us bouncing on a layer of thick vegetation with water underneath. It’s pretty cool until you fall through it!

Today was our day off, thankfully, and we took a trip out to a tract at Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge and only did a three mile loop but it was hot and there was a profusion of sweat. Not much wildlife either, I think they were in the shade somewhere. Now we’re bathing in the air conditioning of our hotel and relaxing as much as possible. I’ve got plans to finish up most of the hollyhock pastel today so I can get working on my scarf again.

A few things of note:
everglades providence
I’m really excited about this book. I wrote last Sunday about this book and I am happy that I was able to snag this in a giveaway from the Suwanee Refugee! This is only the second giveaway I’ve ever won, once I got seeds from Chiot’s Run but that’s it. Most of the giveaways I try for are cameras or camera bags and are entered by about 500 other people…or more. I even caved for the Kelly Sauer Ephiphanie! bag giveaway. Which I know I will not win, but why not try?

Anyway, I’m glad I was able to get this book and will have to crack it sometime in the next few weeks. I’ve got some other books on the agenda and one I need to finish. It is as thick as a Diana Gabaldon book so I know it will be slow going. Thanks for the book SR!

Let’s see, what else….
+Remember the blankets I made for my friend Connie’s twins? Well, you can see them in their new home now!
+Baxter State Park and Katahdin are now open for hiking! SOBO season has begun! Patrice and Justin have one week left before their 2,181 journey to Georgia starts! I am very excited to follow these two.
+I’m planning a 2011 summer interview series like my 2009 series. I’ve already sent a few requests out for folks to be interviewed and I’m excited about the ones I’ve chosen. I’m still scouting a few others out that I think would be of interest here. Some are crafty, some are foodie, some are garden-y.
+Love Jennifer Pharr Davis’ tumblr blog. She has a book out regarding her AT hike, Becoming Odyssa, and also has a speed record for the AT.

Think that’s it for this week! I’ve got a week of blogs already scheduled so I am going to kick back and do some Trail Tale blogs for next week (three more left on the FT! *sniff sniff*), get some art and crochet in and maybe start actually running. I’ve a hankering to train for a 5K and maybe get the guts for a 13.1. I just like walking so much—running…well, I lose motivation much easier!

Happy extended weekend (I’ve gotta work! BOOOO!)!


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