The Fall Crops

Our new place doesn’t really offer us any place to grow anything, though our landlord, who lives next door, offered to till up some space for us. Since we are only hoping to stay six months before finding a place to buy we didn’t want to mess up his yard for that short period of time.

So, Chris did some research and found the local community garden, Helping Hands. We are set up with two of our own personal plots and will be taking care of three additional plots until someone else gets those. In addition to growing our own vegetables and fruits, leftovers and extras will go to the food bank which is located next door. The three plots we are taking care of additionally will be mostly to provide food for the food bank.

Anyway, I’ll do a bigger tour of the garden in the coming weeks when things are growing and talk about what kind of conditions we will be dealing with. Until then here’s what has been planted and what we are looking forward to having in a few months!













I didn’t get photos of these seeds because Chris planted all of them. They were left overs from last year that the garden manager said we could use for the three community plots.

Hoping we get lots of veggies to eat! I’m looking forward to making pickles with the cucumbers!

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