I need some slow motion….

+A weekend off. I feel like I’ve been going a million miles an hour for the last few weeks. Been very busy at work and then we had another project sprung on us at the last minute, or so it seemed, and now I am going to Pennsylvania for a month. I was thinking two weeks sounded nice but a month is pushing my limits. I’m becoming a homebody again. Apparently there’s this thing called snow that we’re racing against.

+I’m starting to like not checking FB often and only being on about once a week. The only downside is that it seems the only way to get any idea of what is going on with people is through FB because apparently email and phone calls are just impossible. I’m not the best at calling people but I do email folks. And while I am working on being better at returning emails or keeping an email going (unless it just doesn’t need to continue) I just wish that FB wasn’t the be all and end all on finding out how people are.

+We were walking into REI last night to pick up, well, we were just browsing because they were having extra sales on clearance items and such and I noted to Chris that everything but the bra I was wearing could have been bought at REI. In fact I think the only thing that wasn’t were my Keen flip-flops. REI—*love*. The problem now is that we just don’t need any gear so we mostly wander around and browse. I did instantly pick up Paddling the Wild Neches a few seconds after walking in because it was conveniently placed near the kayaking gear. I snagged it and we bought it with a 20% off coupon. Having spent so much time on and near the Neches this last spring and summer it has become very interesting to me. I’d love to paddle around it some time, that and the Trinity. There are lots of beautiful places in Texas that just don’t get the respect or use they deserve.

+Now that we are cooking and planning meals as well as starting preserve what we grow I’m becoming very interested in whole foods and eating more sustainably. Not that I wasn’t already but it feels nice to try to put it into use. I find eating out less interesting now, especially at mediocre restaurants that we could duplicate the meals at home. And since we are pickling our own cucumbers I pointed out to Chris how they use dye to color the jars at the store. And then he pointed out yesterday the tomatillo salsa I grabbed at Taco Cabana seemed suspiciously bright green.

+Love this video of the John Muir Trail.

+Some folks we hiked around on the AT, The Traveling Circus, have their documentary trailer up now. Check it out!.

Some blogs I’m loving right now:
+Eating from the Ground Up
+Tend Collective
+Jeff Goins Writer
+Food in Jars
+Tiger in a Jar

What about you? Good blogs? Good reads?



Sammy and Leo say hello!


  • Katie @KatieDid

    They use food dyes in salsas? Who knew! I have been enjoying not dining out myself as well. I went out twice this weekend for meals, and I’m so ready to be back cooking in my kitchen. Meal planning doesn’t really work for me, but home cooked meals with real food does!

  • Mom

    Sambo! Leo! Mimi loves you boy’s. “meow”

    I knew they put dyes in some stuff, but I didn’t know about pickles. Red 40 is in everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I sure do agree with you about FB. I miss phone calls and emails too. I called Nita today. It had been a few weeks since I had talked to her.

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