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Quick Thanksgiving Re-cap

  • Husband flew home from Pennsylvania after a flight delay on Tuesday night. Delayed our intention of leaving for far west Texas until the wee hours of Wednesday morning.
  • As in 2 a.m. wee hours of the morning.
  • Arrived in Mountain Standard Time at Guadalupe Mountains National Park and was thus happy to receive an extra hour of hiking.
  • Our friends Deal and Steadee who we know via the Appalachian Trail met us out there and we then climbed up the tallest mountain in Texas.
  • Got my ass kicked by said mountain.
  • Had salad for lunch…I wonder why mountain kicked my ass? Hrm, let’s see here….
  • Saw a beautiful sunrise from the top of Texas!
  • Got my ass kicked yet again going up endless switchbacks to the McKittrick Ridge campsite.
  • Saw tons of mule deer.
  • Got pelted by rain and wind.
  • Hiked among snow flurries. Got worried a white out would happen and then pondered the thought of losing the trail.
  • Pondered for no reason as the sun came out a few hours later.
  • Walked along beautiful creek beds
  • Saw Barbary Sheep on the way down from the mountain this morning.
  • Am very tired.
  • Will hopefully get a few good posts up soon!
  • Hope your Thanksgiving was great!


  • Gayle

    Love your quick recap!! Anxious to see pictures. Missed seeing y’all for the holiday but know you were doing what makes your hearts sing. Love you.

  • Patrice

    I like the summary! It made me chuckle. Jealous that you saw some Barbery Sheep (even though I don’t really know what they are), but not jealous that you got snow flurries, rain & wind!

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