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Was going through an old hard drive looking for gallery worthy photos for the website and instead it sent me back into nostalgia.

samsontomatoes 022
From January 2007…



The sketchiest place we’ve ever pumped water from…but there was no other water!

These are at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park during our first ever backpacking adventure together.

Who knew it would evolve to getting better gear…

Misti & Chris @ Katahdin Summit
and walking to Maine….

Florida Trail 235
and the length/part of the width of Florida?

Go put on an old external frame Kelty and see what happens…you just never know!


  • Gayle

    What adventures y’all have had – wonderful memories!! I always enjoy hearing your stories– and reading about them too. Can’t wait for next weekend.

  • Patrice

    That’s pretty cool!!!!!! And I can’t believe that water. Gross. Looks similar to a puddle we found in PA one time.

    The first time I went backpacking was a 3-day trip down to Havasu Canyon in Arizona in 2001 … and I got lost. My friends had to come find and rescue me!!! Only I could get lost in a canyon!!!

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