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+Chris pulled all of the beets, roasted them, and then turned them into pickles. Should be an interesting thing to try!

+My parents came to visit this last weekend and brought their dogs. Isabelle, here, enjoyed sunning herself in the doorways when the sun came through. I think she enjoyed seeing me but she’s going blind, deaf and is getting old and I think she would have preferred to stay at home. My cats weren’t so keen on having the dogs back, but at least they were familiar with them and weren’t too upset about them.

+Been wanting some Vibram Five Fingers for awhile. Found some on clearance at REI this weekend and my parents bought them for me. So far I love them. It will take some getting used to, but I do love feeling closer to the ground. I prefer to be barefoot anyway.

+Samson had to have his fill of sunlight…



+Leo preferred the suitcases we had out as Chris has been slightly transient lately, coming back from the field for a few days.

+Bought some broccoli sprout seeds this weekend at a specialty garden center…going to attempt to do my own sprouting and add it into my breakfast smoothies.
+Getting incredibly frustrated with Mexican restaurants when I go out to eat. I feel like my only options are cheese and more cheese. I love cheese, but I’m trying to be a healthy vegetarian.
+The garden kitty has been taken in by someone at the garden to get shots and to be spayed and will be returned to the garden soon. She is incredibly sweet and will follow you around the garden. As much as I hope she gets a home, I do miss seeing her in the garden.
+Tried the sauerkraut yesterday—16 days in—getting tangy but needs more fermentation time. Scooped a few bits of mold off but it seems to take awhile for any mold to even form. After scooping it off it is very difficult for me to try a taste, but I manage. If I eat raw fish (when I take temporary leave of vegetarianism) then I think I can eat slightly rotting/fermenting cabbage.

How was your January? I need to get out more in February.

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  • chel

    Those beets look like little jewels- like works of art!

    I love Sauerkraut, but I have to admit, if I had to scrape off wet mold from anything I was about to eat, I’d probably hurl.

    SO HAPPY ABOUT THE KITTY! Female kitties are good at not wandering much, so if she gets spayed, she’ll likely find safe spaces at the garden and call it home. Yay!

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