Proflic | January Wrap-Up

January started off with a bang and continued on quickly and seemed to escape from me fast. I was not prolific in the manner I was expecting. I have a small journal I keep with me to jot down to-do’s and ideas as they come to me, and I will just say that I probably gave myself too much to do for this month.

Creatively I only accomplished one big thing, which was finishing up a baby blanket…well, really I restarted it and finished it. I cut my time short because the baby it was intended for came about three weeks early! The crochet took a lot out of me and I felt creatively drained after.

Outdoors-wise it was mostly a big no-go on adventures or physical fitness. I probably averaged two days a week running and a tiny scattering of yoga during that month. I had hoped to do four days a week running but various things kept intruding. I really prefer to run in the mornings because it frees up my evenings, however I also don’t like getting up before it is light. I might have to start braving the dark and getting out there early. Adventures were non-existent because Chris went to work in the field for an extended time (and will probably return after a short break) and weekends were here-there-everywhere. I had contemplated doing some hiking on my own but I ended up doing other things. I’m hoping I can get out more in February.

Writing was very skimpy, maybe 3,000 words within the last week. Because the crochet drained me creatively I was sapped of energy for writing. With that and the fact the last time I had written was on the drive to DFW for Christmas, my mental focus on writing was shot. I have got to get a fire lit under that this month and hit a big fat number. I had anticipated 70,000 words for January, starting at 40K, but I’m going to be aiming that for February instead. Must get this thing written because editing and some research will be taking up time after that.

Art, which is part of the creative aspect, didn’t happen. I did work on some photos, reprocessing photos I already had. My big goal for art this coming month will be to continue organizing and processing older photos that I never did much with in order to update our website later this spring. This is a much bigger process than I thought it would be and has taught me to start keeping better track of potential photos to put into the gallery. I have one drawing I would like to do this month and will probably spend a couple of days doing that.

The biggest thing I suppose is not to overload my plate and to pick and choose which things to tackle first. I tend to get ahead of myself when I start making my lists and then start to panic when I don’t finish what I wanted to do.

How are you doing on your word for 2012?


  • Patrice

    Geez, Misti, give yourself credit for what you did do in January, which is A LOT from an outside perspective!! I have to admit, I love marking things off my to do list and lately, we have so many small details to take care of that things get checked off every day. But you have some big, bold projects, so progress will be slow …

    You’ll have to let me know how you like the Vibram shoes. I always wonder if I would like them. There was a SOBO girl, Fern Toe, who hiked the whole trail with them (6 pair)!

    We found out there is an REI garage sale near us the first weekend we move in!!!

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