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  • Things that have caught my eye this last week or last month:

    +Yoga by Equinox video. I first read about it on Huffington Post in regards to it being potentially offensive or objectifying women. If that were the case why aren’t we talking about the beach volleyball players who wear bikinis to play their games? The beauty of the whole video is not what she is wearing or that she is only in her skivvies, but that she is freakin’ strong and the amazing lines that the body forms as she performs the routine. If only I were that strong!

    +And then I read about the dangers of yoga because that was all the rage. And to that I say, um, yeah? It is a sport. Any time you are in repetitive use of a part of your body you can potentially hurt it. And you can do that if you are untrained in the sport, too. With any sport. So, I don’t quite get the hubbub, other than it makes yoga look bad. Lesson? If you feel uncomfortable in a position or can’t do it, don’t push yourself.

    +I saw That Hike Guy’s PCT video last week. Then all of a sudden it seems the popular bloggers caught onto his awesome PCT moleskine journals. I’m glad to see a hiking blog get some mainstream activity!

    +Section Hiker has been writing about several White Mountains bushwhacking expeditions—in winter. They are very adventurous and after my own bushwhacking heart.

    +Have been loving The Familiar Wilderness. I can’t remember how I found this blog, but it is quickly becoming a favorite.

    +Also love Finding Cross Creek & The Forgotten Compass.

    +My Brother has been writing a lot in his blog lately. I love it because he is writing about his garden but also I get to see my niece and nephew and their antics.

    +If you like Downton Abbey, my cousin Elizabeth has been creating commentaries with her friend called Picture Shows & Petticoats. Get a cup of tea and have a sit while they chat about the show for half an hour! Good stuff!

    +If you remember Make Time from our AT thru-hike and his summit of ‘Daltahdin’, well, he is at it again. This time he’s heading north from GA with his wife. Follow his journey as he hits the AT again!

    +I’m not a rock climber, but I found Crag Mama and I love it. Mostly because her kid is out there learning to climb and enjoying the outdoors. I particularly loved her About page in regards to not succumbing to the status quo of sacrificing a life outside when a little one comes into play.

    +A couple/friends of ours in Florida recently had their second child. Like a week ago. I knew they had started potty training their oldest when he was under a year old but I didn’t realize they were following elimination communication until she posted about her newborn using the toilet. I had to look up this term and then I realized what exactly it was. It sounds interesting and I will have to do more research on it, but I will file it away for potential use in the future. It’s verrrrryyy interesting. Yes, I will probably be *that* hippie parent. I was already thinking of using non-disposable diapers…

    And that’s a wrap!

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    1. Elizabeth says:

      Thanks for the link! There’s another one I’m getting ready to post AND we’re recording again tonight. It’s keeping me on my editing toes!

    2. Mom says:

      Someday I still want to try to get into yoga. I think it will help my fibromyalgia. I too love reading both yours and your brothers blogs. Makes me feel closer to you. Downton Abbey!! Love it! Thanks for telling me about it. Can’t wait to read Elizabeths blog! And this potty training thing, I heard about it several years ago. People in other countries do it all the time. Don’t know if it would be more trouble than changing diapers. Yes, it would be cheaper it you had the time to spend putting your infant on the potty. Worth a try if someone had time time. And if you are young and had Patience, I am toooo old for that. You know you wore cloth diapers most of the time and your brother part of the time. We just didn’t have the money for disposable. Nothing wrong with that at all. Except when the temperature freezes and your washing machine is in the garage and the pipes freeze and you can’t wash them. That was awful!

    3. Patrice says:

      Great suggestions! Thanks for sharing! I am still catching up on your blog and others’ but will have to check out those new ones soon. And that’s great Make Time is out there hiking again. Maybe we’ll see him at the Bear’s Den!

    Leave a Reply