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Sometime in early January I came up with the idea of Sprout Dispatch. Of course it wasn’t called that initially, it took the brainstorming of Chel, my brother Curtis and myself to get the name, but here we are, ready to start.

What is this about? Well, it’s a collaboration between the three of us on our gardening adventures. I wrote more about it in the post that is up today. There will be thrice weekly posts, one from each of us, for awhile. We’re starting with themes and interpreting them our own way, but I’m sure the blog will evolve as time goes on.

So, please, subscribe to the new adventure and pass along the blog link and join in the conversation!

We look forward to sharing our gardens with you! (I will still be writing garden ventures here as well.)

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  • Patrice

    Oh very good! I’ll have to check it out! We are keeping a garden at the Bears Den and I just got it started this weekend. I am very excited!! But such a novice, so hoping my efforts will “sprout” at least 1 thing or 2!

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