Lazy Day with the Boys






+The boys really enjoy the doors being open so they can soak up the sunlight. Samson especially is missing his ability to hang out for hours on end on a porch. We had a screened in porch everywhere we lived in Florida (very typical of Florida) and thus here in Texas that isn’t available and he gets disappointed. Leo was never really allowed to wander out on the porch because he makes a ruckus of things, but he too loves the sun.

+Our Sunday was anticipated to be full of hiking but then the weather said it was supposed to be 70% chance of rain and t-storms. That never developed. So, instead we did odds and ends, running errands and the such. Oh and a two hour nap! Chris spent time making a carrot cake from carrots in our garden (more on that later) and I made homemade mac and cheese with some ginger ale glazed carrots on the side.

+I stayed up the other night, April 14th, and watched The History Channel live Tweet the sinking of the Titanic. It was very eerie. I remember when the ship was found in the 80s and Robert Ballard put out a book for kids about the Titanic. Everyone traded back and forth checking it out at the library—this was in elementary school. I tried finding the right one on Amazon to share here but I couldn’t. But, I know it was pre-1990 because I was in elementary before then.

+And then someone else tweeted that concurrently 147 years ago was the night Abraham Lincoln was shot at Ford’s theater and how they would be carrying him across the street to the house where he later died. Weird, weird, weird!

+Figuring out which okra I’m going to order. I’m thinking Hill Country Heirloom Red and Stewarts Zeebest to go with I think Eagle Pass that we have from my mom’s garden last year.

+I’m over at Sprout Dispatch today, so check it out!

+Leo and Samson say “Meow!”


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