Early April in the Garden

I love our variegated nasturium flowers. I think they are my favorite!

The onions decide to start trying to flower and we pinched the flowers off to give the bulbs a bit more time to fatten up.





We had some maroon bluebonnets decided to flower at the last minute.

Sweet pea blossoms along the back fence line.

The honeysuckle aroma is so delightful! I love walking in to the aroma!

The County Fair cucumbers were planted a bit far apart so Chris helped them out by putting bamboo poles across so they could vine easier.

Caterpillars were going crazy eating lettuce and other plants. We did a round of BT to help control them. I always feel bad about that. In Florida we had some hornworms on our tomatoes but not enough to cause concern so we always left them to nibble. This was a little out of control though! I looked this caterpillar up but have yet to come up with a viable species—my guess is some kind of tiger moth, but I just don’t know. Anyone have an idea? (Maybe a salt marsh moth But I’m not sure on the body patterns)

And we ripped all of the remaining lettuce out of our bed in order to make room for eggplant. I was a bit disappointed to do this, mostly sad that I could not eat all this lettuce. Perhaps if Chris had been around this spring we might have eaten more lettuce, but I just can’t eat an entire bed of lettuce. We resolved to do half a bed next year as it will be more manageable. Most of it was starting to bolt anyway and it ended up in the compost pile. So, I don’t feel *too* bad, the compost pile needed greens.

Chris and I are continuing to think about summer crops and where we are going to fit everything! We need more room!


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