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I don’t often write about my friends—I do have them!—mostly because I don’t get to see them a lot since they live in different cities and states. At the end of March most of us were able to get together, three others were unable to attend. We all met back in college, most of us while sailing on the Texas Clipper II back in the summer of 1998. This photo, nabbed from my friend Michelle, second from left (her daughter in front there), is definitely reminiscent of the type of photos we took in college. I think this was outtake #10 or something because we couldn’t stop laughing. It started with me leaning over onto Michelle because I was tired, then Rosemarie followed (far right) and then of course we decided it was a photo-op and well, here you have it!

We came together because Rosemarie was in town for a rare appearance, she lives in California, and Stephanie had her first baby in January.

Michelle is giving the pouty face because she really wants another child but forces beyond her have kind of put that on hold. If you are feeling kind and generous maybe you’ll help kick those forces by donating to the MS Society.

Stephanie with her Greyson. (Yes, another Grayson/Greyson…oh, and there are also two Kylen’s in the friend family too!)

I think Rosemarie looks good with a baby!





Miss Kylen is a ham and a half—love her to bits and pieces! She is mini-me of Michelle.


Rosemarie won’t be around again until perhaps Christmas since she lives in California, but her family is in Austin and so that at least lets us possibly see her. It had been 3 years since I had seen her.

Moving to Texas helped with seeing my friends more, definitely better than while in Florida (though I am missing my long-lost Eliana!), but still everyone has their own lives here in Texas too and it is always difficult to coordinate with everyone else’s schedules.

But, these are my friends. I love them and miss them.

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  • Mom

    My heart breaks for Michelle. YES Rose looks great with a baby!!!!! Maybe Elianna and Mark need to move to Texas, there are plenty of cats around to keep them busy.

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