Fig Love

Chris came in last night for the closing of our house today. We made dinner then went to find a nonexistent ice cream shop (thanks Google Maps) before heading to the garden. The heat has been brutal this week, 100* many of the days; the beans can’t handle it and neither can a few other plants. Sometimes between moving we’ll have to find some time to do maintenance on our beds.

I was busy watering the garden and Chris had been putting hoses on various beds and then piddling around. I went back up to the front of the garden and found him deep into picking figs off the Celeste fig. Abandoning the watering, I went over to help him. It really is a two person job….

Part of the problem was the need to reach the figs that were deep inside the tree (overgrown shrub really). So I was dealt the job of holding the box.



The smaller New York fig was producing but wasn’t nearly as loaded down as the Celeste. I preferred the Celeste fig, particularly the over ripe ones as they were much sweeter.

I’m very happy that our new house has a fig tree in the side yard! There will be many years of fig eating and jam making coming!


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