The Formosa Lilies Take Center Stage


The Formosa lilies grew tall this year, taller than me. They started swelling with buds a few weeks ago and I knew they would be blooming soon. I was worried when we left for the July 4th weekend that the first ones would open without us.


But they waited.


I love being out in the vegetable garden in the evenings but I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with the flower garden soon. It needs the attention and some doting oohs and ahhs from me as I discover what plants are blooming, what has survived the neglect and weeds.


A glance at the abutilon/flowering maple told me that it was in fact dead. I guess that’s on my list of things to get out of the flower bed. I’ve got a cutting that I will likely plant somewhere else where it can spread out a bit since the original plant got a lot bigger than I thought it would.


The figs are starting to ripen but the birds are hitting them up before we can even get to them. Honestly, I think they are getting them even before they are ripe! Looking back at some old posts I found it interesting that the figs in the community garden ripened in late June while the ones at our house have typically been mid-July.

Figs aside, the Formosa lilies made my evening!

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