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As we approached the outer reaches of Olympic National Park we suddenly saw a sign for the worlds largest sitka spruce tree. Being big/ancient tree lovers, we made a quick detour down a side road to find the worlds largest spruce tree. This was a very short walk from the car, I believe around a quarter mile one way.

We quickly learned that there are many giants on the Olympic peninsula, however we didn’t have the time to devote to visiting all of them. Having seen several large and old trees it is hard not to pass them up, particularly because you never know when they will be gone.

What I like to imagine about these trees that have centuries on Earth, is the peace and calm of the natural world around it without human interference. I wonder what it might have been like—what the view was before the campground that is visible from the tree was there? Did the local tribes visit the tree? (There are many tribes on the Olympic peninsula currently) What animal curled up at the base of the trunk to seek shelter from a storm, from snow or rain? Maybe a deer cozied up for an afternoon nap in the dappled shade.

I wonder what large trees were around it when it first came into being, when its first leaves emerged? Did the habitat look the same? I wonder at how it was never logged.

“The wonder is that we can see these trees and not wonder more.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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2 thoughts on “The Magic of the Ancients

  1. Brianne says:

    Is that the North Wind in the fifth picture down, captured there in the bark of that tree? oh me, oh my!
    I totally know what you mean about all the wonder surrounding trees, and it’s on my life list now to visit this one some day. I also want to see the sequoias. I take photos of tree bark patterns and close-ups of trees sometimes. There are these two trees that I recently said to myself, I’m so glad I did, because those patterns were beautiful, and recently those trees where cut down.

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