Digging Sweet Potatoes











On Sunday we dug up our sweet potatoes at the community garden, the last plot we had still growing there. It was a bit sad to leave but it felt right to be leaving. We grew a lot there in the year we spent at the garden but I know we’ll be growing a lot more at our garden at the house in the future.

The sweet potato harvest was pretty good, though at first we were a bit doubtful. We kept pulling out the smaller, thickened roots but were finally rewarded with good sized potatoes. The smaller roots and pieces we are keeping for ‘seed’ for next summer’s crop. The rest of the potatoes will be stored and eaten throughout the winter. I’m kind of wondering how long they will last knowing that we do try to eat what we harvest pretty quickly. Next year I think we should plant at least two beds of sweet potatoes.

I have to say, harvesting these potatoes made me curious about growing ‘real’ potatoes. Next year…next year.

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3 thoughts on “Digging Sweet Potatoes

  1. chel says:

    Wow- that is SUPER cool! Hmm potatoes… Hmmmmmmm! That might be a possibility over here.

  2. Patrice says:

    Can I hire you as a volunteer gardener at Bears Den?

  3. Moosie says:

    I would love to try growing them! You should try red potatoes too!!!!! They were so good when we grew them on Ruth lane. I miss that dirt/sand!

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