The March Garden

Well, March zoomed by and between being gone for over a week plus recuperating from travel the week after, its been a lot to take in and even keep up with everything going on around the yard. Here’s a sampling of what was blooming this month:

The mulberry tree started putting on fruit so those should be ripening within the next month to six weeks! Forest loves to grab what he can from lower limbs but we’re always competing with birds and squirrels.

Spider lilies are particularly stunning right now and in wetlands throughout east Texas.


Iris virginica are looking fantastic down by the pond. Chris has done a lot of work on the shoreline in the last few months, including burning the shoreline, which has allowed the plants to thrive closer to the shoreline.

Dreamy, dreamy parsley hawthorn! We came home to two of our trees on the fade and the one by the house was still blooming so I snapped photos while I had the chance.

Texas ragwort isn’t as thick as in previous years but if I had my way I’d let it take over most of the yard in the spring, as it so deserves. It’s beautiful!

The two-wing silverbell (Halesia diptera) managed to pull through the drought last year and bloomed. It really struggled last year so I wasn’t sure if it would make it through to this year and I’m glad it did.



Last year I grew calendula by seed but I ended up buying plants from the local nursery this year instead. Lovely colorations on these!

Anticipatory blackberries for June…

Forest’s snapdragon

An early tomato. I also bought plants in mid-February and opted not to start seed this year.



Various pitcher plant blooms out in the bog garden. I didn’t look at the tags so I don’t know the names/cultivars of these.

I think Drosera filiformis, also in the bog garden, with the Venus flytraps below.

More pitcher plants, species unknown because I’m lazy with looking at tags



The Texas trailing phlox is looking fantastic right now! It’s doing really well in its large container, over flowering and cascading down the side of the pot.

And fleabane in my native bed. I need to weed/thin it out when it is done blooming here in a few weeks because it got a little thick this year but I couldn’t bear to thin it out when it was such an early bloomer for insects.

That’s it for March. I need to be better about sharing garden posts here again. For so many years I wrote and shared about the garden but have struggled with sharing in the last few years.

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