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Putting the hive together

Yesterday our beehive arrived! Yep, we’re going to delve into the world of beekeeping! A couple of weekends ago I went to a beekeeping forum at one of our local nurseries and it really set us off about getting our bees set up for the spring. We put our order in with R. Weaver Apiaries and we can pick them up in Navasota, Tx on April 13th!

Chris put the hive together yesterday and will be adding a few things to make it nicer over the coming weeks, including building a stand for it.

As for what else is going on around here, nothing that I can think of worth writing about. I do have a couple of longer posts written in my head but they haven’t been typed out yet. I may spend some downtime in the holidays working on photos from Washington and our camping trip to Lost Maples last month…I still have a lot to share but editing the photos is the most time consuming part and I can never get myself in the mood to work on them in the evenings.

And life…life is rather quiet, which is fine and good. But the early evenings don’t lend themselves to a lot of nature photography. I finished painting my studio a few weeks ago and spent an evening or two starting to organize and will need to return soon. Art and craft projects shall be returning to my life in the New Year.

The New Year—-I’ll have to write a post on how much I didn’t really stick to my word ‘prolific’ this year, at least in the way I wanted it to be, but I’m also not going to choose a word next year and instead am going to focus on one action….finishing my Florida Trail book. If my word was going to be anything this coming year it would be action. Make it happen!

See y’all on the flip side of the holiday weekend!

PS: That’s the couch-and-a-half that we bought as a floor model…the couch is coming sometime in the next week or so. Oh, that’s what else we’ve been doing, buying furniture!


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