Snail Mail

A couple of months ago the mailbox that our house came with was halfway knocked off its post. One of our neighbor’s was knocked off as well. At first I thought a: Drunk Driver or b: Teenagers With Too Much Time On Their Hands. But then Chris saw the deep scrape marks in the asphalt and decided it might have been the city lawnmower guy when he was mowing the ROW area.

No matter, we wanted a new mailbox anyway and it took us forever to decide on one. I don’t like generic mailboxes. I don’t mind the ones bricked in but our house isn’t brick so it would look strange. Florida has a lot of manatee mailboxes and other assorted tropical mailboxes but I think they would be out of places in a pine woodland setting.

Chris searched online and we went to a couple of different places to look for one we both thought would be distinctive enough before he found this one. It is simple but elegant and something that I thought would suit our house.

We got the cedar post at the big-box-toolstore and Chris also put the bronze top on it.

And to keep up with being distinctive, Chris found Haitian Metal Steel Drum Art for house numbers, so once that arrives it’ll be complete. That shop has some really interesting pieces of art that we may have to look into later on.

I like it! Let’s just hope no one runs into this one!


  • chel

    I love it! After our first mailbox was destroyed (it’s pretty common for any mailbox that’s NOT the standard green StepOne to get vandalized here- it’s the biggest crime problem on the island, so I can’t complain) I just let Tom get whatever was sturdiest at the big box Home Improvement and anchor it in. I figured I’d focus my energies on other stuff about the house’s decor 🙂 But I love the idea of a distinctive mailbox. I was heartbroken when ours was broken 🙁

  • Kyle

    Mail is truly one of my favorite forms of communication! There is just something about a hand written letter that makes me extremely happy! Hope this box doesn’t have any accidents!

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