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Whatever thrives, thrives.

Love Lies Bleeding
As it turns out, a lot of my extra energy and oomph in getting this blog going again with steady entries was that I had the free time to work on it! Forest was at various grandparent’s for the last week of July and first week of August and because Chris and I were actually home and not galivanting about for work or pleasure, there was time to just be. And now, he’s back home, swimming lessons are back on schedule, there are bedtime routines, and school started today! Needless to say, life is full once again.

I’m currently trying to figure out how to navigate my never-ending creative ideas with the fact that I just don’t have the time to do it all. One thing I’ve been doing lately (ok, so I’ve done it twice, it isn’t quite a streak yet) is sketching or drawing while Forest is getting a bath. So far I’ve drawn his dinosaur soap dispenser and a removable cling sticker on the mirror. It’s something. Meanwhile, I binge listened to a 3+ hour romance novella yesterday, Royal Valentine by Jenn McKinlay, which turned out to be the perfect digestible story to listen to while working. I’ve been lamenting the dearth of fiction in my reading life and this seems like a good way to imbibe more. Novellas. And fluffy, easy to listen ones at that!

Next, the creative writing aspect. The blog has been great and the best thing I’ve found is preparing a bunch of posts in advance with photos and then picking which one suits my needs when I sit down to write. But the bigger, lingering projects looms. The books. I found an emerging writer contest through a magazine/university and it may be the push I need to do a final revision of my Florida Trail book and finally start resubmitting it to folks. I’ve sat on it too long and as my friend Patrice will note, I’ve been talking about it for too many years already! It’s really time to just get it published one way or the other.

Two other main writing projects need to be tackled. The fiction book I began and wrote half-ish on during NanoWriMo last November will probably be completed during this upcoming NanoWriMo. I had intentions to edit the first half and then write the second half but…that didn’t happen. The other writing project is a non-fiction gardening book that I started earlier this year but never kept up with. I can go back and complete it but it is something I need to dedicate some time to every week to get it done. And then, let’s not talk about the rest of the writing projects in line in my brain.

Love Lies Bleeding

Then there’s the garden, which only portions have been lovingly tended to these last several months. The early heat really just put a stop to any heavy interest in spending time in the garden for long periods this summer, and truth-be-told, we just weren’t around a lot this summer. I kept weekends we were home for mostly inside chores and doing few small jobs in the garden. What has bloomed, I’ve enjoyed. One plant was this Love-Lies-Bleeding that I sowed for Forest to plant in his bed. Only one plant ended up thriving through the drought and it has been a delight to see, though it needs heavy staking and is only currently held up by a twist-tie against a tomato cage that is over a pepper plant. I’ve long accepted that the main flower garden area just won’t look that upkept this year. Whatever thrives, thrives. I can only do so much.

We had almost an inch of rain last night and while it wasn’t a drought ender, it was welcome. Driving home from swimming lessons at 7:30pm last night with the dark skies had me craving the turn toward fall. I’m not ready to be driving in the dark at 7:30pm again but I am dreaming of cooler weather and cozy evenings.


  • shoreacres

    I heard rain in the night, and this morning we had about an hour of more of heavy, steady rain. Pure joy! I don’t know how much, but I’m sure we’ve had at least an inch over the past couple of days.

    Your listing of your projects and projects-to-be reminded me of something I eventually learned. Some people say you can have it all (or do it all). Today, I’m inclined to say “We can do it all. We just can’t do it all at the same time!”

  • Judy Bass

    I only had success with Love Lies Bleeding once. I tried this year, but they barely germinated. Maybe it was too wet near the sprinkler. You do have a lot of projects. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how they are going. I have two quilts to finish for family members by Christmas and that is my only deadline.

  • Ray

    I’m happy you’re still interested in keeping your blog up. I’ve seen too many good ones fall by the wayside over time although I can’t blame em either.

    I’ll be one of the first to buy your book! I still remember very fondly reading through your entire Florida Trail adventures here.

    Best of luck!

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