Appalachian Trail 2010

Approaching Blood Mountain | AT Video of The Week

A couple of weeks ago Patrice, aka Steadee, said she was writing an article on the AT in New Hampshire for a magazine. She asked if I had any photos that I might share and if I had anything to say about the trail in the area. Though I had uploaded some photos to Flickr I decided to check our hard drive for anything that I didn’t upload. There I found a lot of photos but also videos we never uploaded. They instantly brought up old memories of the trail and remembering bits of the trail that I’d forgotten about.

Like this video…here we are coming up on Blood Mountain and for the majority of the video I am trying to place us along the trail. It isn’t until the end of the video when I see the large rock on the side of the video that I remember where this was. It wasn’t too far after the Woods Hole Shelter and I was getting hungry and cranky for dinner. The rock reminded me of this because shortly after the video ended is when I threw my “I’m hungry and I’m not walking anymore until we eat” tantrum that comes sometimes at the end of the day. Chris likes to look and look and look for a good place to sit, but me, I will pull up a spot just about anywhere and I was pretty much done with hiking that day.

Everyone else had pulled off the trail at the Woods Hole Shelter and we were the only ones going up to Blood Mountain. The day had been nice up until the last couple of miles with the weather turning and getting a bit nasty, hence a bit of my crankiness.

I’m hoping to keep this little series up for the next few weeks/months and relive a bit of our hike—3 years later!


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