A few weeks ago I saw a wing in the garden. Just the wing, nothing more. I figured the cats had gotten to it, but I knew it was a luna moth, a species I’d only see online but never in person. The ferals frustrate me in this aspect, they like to chase after the lepidopterans in the garden and I’m not fond of that aspect of their disposition. Or their snake killing aspect…but I digress.

Luna moths! Chris came to me a couple of nights ago to show me where two were laying low near the ground down by the pond. We had to walk carefully as they do blend in well with the grass. I did happen to see another one dead in the yard, just a wing, the following day so either cat, owl, or bat got it.

A very interesting addition to the biota in our yard!

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3 thoughts on “Luna

  1. Chris says:


  2. Moosie says:

    Cool! I never know what you are going to find down there!

  3. […] minutes. I’m sure we’ve had many in the past, though I’ve only noted one other in 2013. I admit, after seeing the moth I was hoping to see more like we did last spring on the Four Notch […]

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