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First Luna Moth of the Season | Wildlife Wednesday



After work on Friday evening we were all relishing the later evening light before we went in to make dinner. Chris was fishing on the dock and Forest and I had just released the last pipevine swallowtail that eclosed in the tent. Forest and I walked down to the dock where Forest threw some sticks into the water and then proceeded to walk back up on shore to find more sticks, and as I was watching him I happened to notice a giant light green object on the side of a pine tree. My eyes focused and there it was, a luna moth! So exciting! Everyone was waking up after that last freeze! I took a few photos and Forest and I ogled at it for a few minutes. I’m sure we’ve had many in the past, though I’ve only noted one other in 2013. I admit, after seeing the moth I was hoping to see more like we did last spring on the Four Notch Loop in Sam Houston. Ironically, those were taken pretty much a year apart, so good timing for luna moths!

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  • shoreacres

    What a great find. I’ve never seen a luna moth. I can imagine how excited you were to find this one, let alone all those you found on the Four Notch Trail. Some day I need to turn north and east when I leave home, rather than south and west!

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