View From The Potting Bench


Last night I spent an hour or so working around the potting bench, cleaning up seed trays and 4″ pots that hadn’t sprouted or that had already been transplanted. I started a round of more seeds from our stash, trying to germinate some old seeds in an effort to get some new plants for the garden but also an effort to get a fresh batch seeds from that too. Some of that effort is probably futile as some of the seeds are many years old and are likely not going to germinate at all. Oh well.

I find myself outside until 8pm these days, working until almost dark and then coming in for dinner if I can stand waiting until that late. Right now I feel semi-caught up, if there is such a thing, but of course next week will come along and there will be another round of weeds to pull, seedlings to transplant, and deer to curse at for eating some new blossom.

I’m just waiting for that fig tree to fruit so I can eat dinner outside.

kiowa blackberry
The ‘Kiowa’ blackberries gave me two tasty little snacks on my way through the yard as I took photos last night. The deer have been doing some light browsing too I saw. Doesn’t the spines hurt their mouth? I guess that still doesn’t stop them from eating my roses!


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