Lunchtime Garden Ramble

I haven’t felt the urge to do a lot of writing here lately and that will likely continue for awhile. However, I was enticed by my garden when I got home at lunch today to take a few photos and share them here. Also, please stop by Sprout Dispatch today and check out the latest garden tour, my friend Matt’s garden. If you have even more time, check out the rest of the summer garden tour too! It’ll be wrapping up next week.

White fire wheel, Gaillardia aestivalis var. winkleri

Ascelpias tuberosa, the yellow version.

The wild section of the garden, most of this is from wildflower seed packages.


Zinnias are doing well and there in the background you can see some orange nasturiums still going strong despite the heat.

A lobelia I picked up the other day, freakin’ gorgeous!

I think the deer are walking through my tithonia, either that or the tithonia just can’t hold themselves up anymore which I’m not sure I believe. I keep having broken branches and some of them I’ve had to cut down. I need to trim up some more tonight.


Johnny jump-ups I started from seed. Doing good!

Scarlet catchfly, Silene subciliata

I had to move my Brazilian plume flower, Justicia carnea, to a different location to evade the deer. I’m hoping they won’t poke around near the sago palm now!

That’s just some of what is blooming. What’s going on in your garden if you have one?


  • chel

    I loooooooove the wildflowers. It’s beautiful! I tried doing a “mini scatter” in a large planter from a bag I got at the local botanical gardens, but it was kind of a big clump of stuff! One of the reasons I envy people with a square of space they can just scatter some seeds on and see what happens 🙂

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