Garlic Planting Season










Planting garlic isn’t a quick turn around for reward in the garden. Taking nearly eight months or so from planting to bulb up enough to harvest, it is one plant that makes you wait but the reward is always great. Welllllll….if your planting has gone well. So far we have never had a good garlic harvest, unlike my brother who seems to be the garlic king. Two years ago we grew garlic in the community garden we were part of, and some of the garlic bulbed but then the garlic just did not cure well. Last year I planted elephant garlic along the side of the house where our flower garden is now but only a few bulbs did really well. I was able to eat several bulbs and they were quite tasty too. But, having enough to get you through the year would be just excellent. Sometimes I can find American or at least Mexican grown garlic but right now I keep finding Chinese grown garlic at the stores right now and I’m not keen on buying that.

Chris bought the garlic this time around from Big John’s Garden, our first time ordering here. We were definitely pleased with the size of the bulbs and we even cooked a few of the extra cloves that we had left and it tasted delicious. Here’s hoping for a great garlic harvest come late May!


  • chel

    We should try this! Although if the cats got into it- YUCK. Their breath is powerful enough. Both our boy cats eat strange things (they both LOVE kalamata olives) so it wouldn’t surprise me if garlic was something that they got into.

  • Elizabeth

    I planted garlic once and then forgot where I put it. Ahem.

    Good luck with yours! I basically only buy from the farmer’s market now. I am sometimes able to get enough to last me through the winter (I use a lot!), so that’s nice. It’s from a nice couple who have a farm about 40 miles away.

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