Early Summer Blooms (May 2023)

Standing cypress, Ipomopsis rubra

Sweet pea

Black-eyed susan vine, Thunbergia alata

I did not share a lot of gardening posts last year. It was a very hard summer, with a drought and extensive heat. I wrote a few times over the summer but for the most part I was not very in tune with what was going on. This year will change all of that–hopefully. I missed gardening and garden writing. And digging through my Flickr archives to catch up on posts I was really glad to see some of these photos. Again, how much I missed getting my camera out to take photos instead of always reaching for my phone. The phone is so easy and sometimes it is needed, but there’s really nothing like the quality coming out of a dSLR or SLR.

Today it is raining and it will rain throughout this week. Space City Weather is preparing the region for some light flooding potential. Coming on the heels of a hard freeze, it will be sloppy out there for a while. We’re mere weeks away from spring ephemerals, though. I know a few things like violets should already be popping but I’m really looking forward to some cemetery plant hunting here soon during my lunch breaks. And to the garden waking up, too.

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