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There’s an Avocado in my belly!

OK, so there actually is one digesting in my stomach since we had fajitas tonight, but according to the fruit-of-the-week I get in my weekly pregnancy update emails from The Bump, this week the baby is roughly the size of an avocado! I told Chris this at our midwife appointment yesterday and he was like ‘Wow, that’s pretty big!’ Now, we’re not talking the size of those wonderful, large green and smooth skinned avocados you see in many yards in Florida, we’re talking more of the medium sized Haas avocados from the grocery store. Which…I mean, still. It’s kind of crazy to think about.

16 weeks
So, I like this photo of me from this vantage point. I’m wearing a maternity top I am borrowing from my coworker, and the jeans are still my pre-pregnancy Levi’s that sit lower on my hips which is why I can still button them and wear them comfortably. She lent me some of her maternity clothes which I’ve only worn a couple of tops thus far. Other than that I haven’t bought any maternity clothes. I should be able to get clothes from two other friends and then after that I’ll decide if I want to buy anything further.

Here’s a photo of me two weeks ago, at 14 weeks, while we were at Fairchild Botanic Gardens in Florida.

16 weeks
Now, here’s the profile view from this afternoon at lunch. There’s definitely a difference. I’m not really fond of this profile photo because to me it just makes me feel like I’m a vastly overweight and it is time to work off the belly. I know that is not the case, but it is hard to look at and I know it is only going to get bigger.

I’ve decided I’m going to stick to monthly blog posts about Teddy instead of more frequent updates. While I enjoy reading the weekly updates I see when I Google pregnancy blogs, I’m not really into writing them myself. Mostly because there’s just not a whole lot going on.

Yesterday was our 16 week appointment. It was a relatively quick appointment but the biggest thing was getting to hear the baby’s heartbeat. I’ve been in this limbo state of worrying for the last few weeks since now that my ‘morning’ sickness is mostly over with (still have bouts with gagging thanks to the toothbrush and morning snot) but I’m mostly feeling myself once again. Without the morning sickness to remind me I’m pregnant and since I haven’t felt the baby move yet, I’ve been wondering if everything was still good in there. And it was! The nurse took my blood pressure, then got the doppler as she had me lay back, put the cold gel on (not as nice as the ultrasound tech who had warm gel!) and within the first few seconds we heard a ‘whoosh whoosh’. Chris immediately said “Is that the baby?”, which the nurse replied “Yes.” I wasn’t giddy yet since it was such a short blip, but soon she found it and we listened for about a minute. It was a lot more “whoosh, whoosh, whoosh” and she said the heartbeat was about 140bpm or so. And then our little peak into the life of the baby was over and she wiped the gel off and I sat up.

The midwife came in and we went over the blood tests from last time which were all good. The only anomaly was that I am not immune to rubella despite having had the vaccine as a kid. They said that after the baby was born that they would recommend me having the shot, which I’m fine with. I searched online about not being immune to rubella despite having had the shot, but it seems that it can happen. I know some vaccines require/recommend a booster shot every so often, such as pertussis (which I’ll get in my third trimester to protect the baby since it can’t have it until, I think, a year), but I didn’t think rubella was on that list. At least rubella doesn’t seem to have the outbreak issue (so far) that pertussis and measles does due to anti-vaxxers.

Anyway, I had only gained about two pounds, though my home scale has said I’d lost a pound or two, so I will just call it about even. I was sent with a write-up to have the quad-screen blood test done, which is optional, but looks for genetic issues such as Down syndrome and the other Trisomy problems. We dropped by the lab and it was packed so I opted to schedule an appointment and go back later this week. Hopefully all is well with that test.

Other than that, I’m feeling just about the same though I am noticing the belly more. Now that we’re back into later sunsets and warmer weather I’ll be starting up my walks again. I guess the biggest thing is that we only have three weeks until we have the next ultrasound and to determine the sex of the baby! That will definitely be an exciting appointment!


  • Stephanie

    AWE!!!! My little niece or nephew is getting bigger. You have a baby bump. So cute!! I love the new pictures. At least I can watch your belly grow from a distance 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  • Allison

    I’ve been meaning to stop by forever to congratulate you on your pregnancy! Really count it as a blessing (or luck….) I’ve been trying for two and a half years, and nothing… We’re both the same age, so just really really love that little one. I know you will anyway, but you know what I mean. 🙂

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