Bubbles on the Front Porch

Forest turned 7 a few weeks ago. Another year with this kiddo and I can’t believe he’s been hanging out with us for seven years now. The baby years seem so distant and yet when I conjure up the memories they are right there—the fluffy cloth diapers, the crawling toddler, the endless hours I spent […]

These Are The Days

Back in March when the pandemic got going here Forest and I would have lunch in his treehouse. It was cooler then and much more doable. We’d eat lunch inside and then move to the back balcony to have a treat in our “treat spot” while we watched the turtles on the downed log in […]

Forest’s First Dance Recital

I know this one is blurry but it really represents Forest + his love for dinosaurs right now! *Video isn’t wanting to play from the embed, so click on the photo or the link at the end of the post* Last fall our daycare announced that they were going to have an outside dance school […]

Forest Friday | Growing Up Edition

I took that top photo four years ago yesterday. I remember taking it, too, as I was folding laundry one evening and Forest was being his chunkalunk self! It must have been a warmer December day because of the diaper only outfit, which is how he spent a lot of those first three to six […]

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