100 Happy Days

100 Happy Days: Days 24-34

Day 24: Watching The Big Bang Theory after an evening mowing the yard.

Day 25: Mr. Stripey playing a game of ‘You Can’t See Me’ as I was working in the yard that evening.

Day 26: I love the light that comes through my front windows this time of year.

Day 27: A good tomato harvest and a few peaches off the trees. The peaches were stuck to the limbs which is why they look black at the top. They tasted pretty great, too!

Day 28: At my parent’s house. My dad showing off how he gets to pet the cat Kylee but just about no one else is allowed around her because she’ll attack you! She’s a devil cat.

Day 29: A surprise visit with my friend Eliana! She and Marc showed up at one of my baby showers as they happened to be in Oklahoma doing some work. I was surprised because they’d told me they wouldn’t be able to make it. It’s been over 4 years since I saw them—last saw them when we left Florida!

Day 30: My two ‘sisters’. My brother’s wife is on the right and Chris’ brother’s wife is on the left. This was the first time they’d met each other.

Day 31: Two big tomatoes…Arkansas Traveler and Kellogg’s Breakfast.

Day 32: I forgot to take a photo. A hectic week ensued.

Day 33: Going through our baby shower haul! Teddy got lots of goodies! Leo’s not sure what to do with all of this stuff and wonders what he can play with.

Day 34: Beginning to put away the baby shower stuff in the baby’s room. Leo thought hanging out in the diaper drawer would be something cozy to do while he watched me organize everything.

Day 35: Exhausted and forgot.

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